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HomeHome page of the website, introducing the site.
AboutThis page, showing an outline of the website
MissionThe mission of the Merion Civic Association.
History"Model Merion" article by Theodore Roosevelt.
Merion Civic Association Fifth Year Book
Merion Time Line
Where are they now?
BylawsBylaws of the Merion Civic Association. (PDF 404KB)
MinutesMeeting Minutes of the Merion Civic Association.
DirectorsThe directors of the Merion Civic Association.
CommitteesThe committees of the Merion Civic Association.
Please contact the committees based on your interests.
JoinApplication form to join the Merion Civic Association. (PDF) Print the form and mail it with payment to join.
You can pay online from the Home Page.
CalendarCalendar of events of the Association, and other events of local interest to Merion residents.
ContactHow to contact the Merion Civic Association.
How to contact the Webmaster.
FAQFrequently asked questions.
LinksLinks to other websites of interest to Merion residents.
Please let us know if any of the links no longer works.
NewsBackground and source documents about issues affecting Merion residents.
NewslettersMerion Civic Association newsletters.
Photo GalleryPictures of Merion and Merion Civic Association events.
Use the Previous or Next buttons to step through the gallery. Use the Garden link to identify some of the flowers in the garden. Also see 2010 Photos.