Merion Civic Association

Committee Descriptions with Chairs & Directors

Cultural and Social Programming/Development

Directors: Cary Anderson, Bruce Eisenberg, Renee Hill, Harriet Lam, Frances Quinn, Dave Rutzel

Develop and promote cultural programs for the community and for dedicated Board of Director events including the annual meeting. Maintain relationships and collaborate with the educational institutions in the community such as the local public and private schools, universities and the Barnes Foundation. The Committee organizes the Annual Flag Day Concert held at the Merion Tribute House. The committee is also responsible for planning fund-raising events for the civic association.

Land Use, Zoning and Community Relations
Leslie Greenberg

Directors: Brian Gordon, Scott Kalner, Robert Marmon, Kevin Murphy, George Ross

Monitor proposed land development projects in the community and associated zoning issues. Attend and participate in hearings by the Lower Merion Board of Commissioners, the Lower Merion Planning Commission and the Zoning Hearing Board and various Township planning and legislative workshops. Maintain contact with local media concerning activities and issues of interest to the Civic Association.

Dave Rutzel
Treasurer: Robert Marmon

Directors: Bruce Eisenberg, Scott Feuer, Scott Kalner, Frances Quinn, Kevin Murphy

Prepare the yearly budget; recommend investments; recommend changes; and oversee financial transactions.


Directors: Scott Feuer, Brian Gordon, Scott Kalner, Harriet Lam, Adena Potok, Frances Quinn, George Ross, Michael Seiden

Maintain liaison with the Lower Merion Historical Society, Lower Merion Conservancy and the Lower Merion Township Historical Commission and promote the history of Merion. The History Committee organizes guided walks and tours around the neighborhood to focus on a particular aspect of Merion’s rich heritage. Continue dialogue with neighbors and the Lower Merion Conservancy on the development of an historic architectural district.

Renee Hill and Kevin Murphy

Directors: Michael Seiden

Welcome new residents and promote community participation in the Civic Association.

Communications (Newsletter/Website/Yearbook)
Chair: Michael Seiden

Directors: Scott Feuer, Scott Kalner

Members: Helen Guy

Publish the biannual newsletter and maintain and update the Civic Association website,

Scott Kalner

Directors: Bruce Eisenberg, Scott Feuer, Kevin Murphy, Francis Quinn

Select and present nominees for election to the Board of Directors and the Executive Board. Members of this committee must be past presidents.

Train Station/Post Office and Grounds
Scott Feuer

Directors: Carol Lavoritano, Frances Quinn

Assist in the maintenance and beautification of the Merion train station and surrounding landscape. Maintain liaison with SEPTA, Amtrak and Lower Merion Township. Collaborate with the Merion Botanical Society on the development and maintenance of the park adjacent to the train station.

Streets, Lights & Traffic
Renee Hill

Directors: Robert Marmon

Identify and collect information from neighbors on poor street conditions, parking and traffic issues and street light outages for reporting to the Township for remedial action.

Merion Community Coalition/Saint Joseph's University Ad Hoc Committee
Tami Fratis

Directors: Leslie Greenberg, Scott Kalner, Michael Seiden

In conjunction with the Merion Community Coalition, meet on a regular basis with representatives of Saint Joseph’s University to address issues related to construction and operations on the Maguire Campus and associated external effects on the surrounding community.

Barnes Foundation Ad Hoc Committee
Scott Feuer

Directors: Dave Rutzel

Provide continuing dialogue with Barnes for updates on developments on its Merion campus.

By-Laws Review Ad Hoc Committee
Leslie Greeenberg

Directors: Scott Kalner

Members: Bill Katz

Ex-Officio: Michael Seiden

Review the current by-laws, research the by-laws of other civic associations and related non-profit groups and develop proposed changes to the by-laws to improve MCA’s operating efficiency.